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Coaches are some of the most influential people in America. They hold the power to shape and transform lives – for good or bad.

FCA is excited to provide world-class training to come alongside you and serve you as you seek to become a transformational coach for your athletes. FCA has been granted a license as a “Level 3 Partner” of the 3D Institute which allows us to take their revolutionary 3Dimensional Coaching academic curriculum and create a faith-based version for use in our ministry to coaches.

Please note: If you desire to take the 3D Coaching course for college credit or certification, you must enroll on the 3D Institute website. No academic credit/certification will be offered through this version provided by FCA.

The first step is answering these questions:

  1. Why Do You Coach?
  2. Why Do You Coach The Way You Coach?
  3. What Does It Feel Like To Be Coached By You?
  4. How Do You Define Success?

A 3Dimensional Coach knows the key to great leadership is a strategy to capture people’s hearts!

If you are a Coach of a recreation team, middle or high school or college and want to start your faith-based journey visit FCA Coaches Academy.

Coaching Resources

Here are a few examples of resources specifically for coaches.
You can find many more books, devotions and apparel at FCA Gear

And, you can download free devotions and videos at FCA Resources

In 3D Coach, you will learn from National Coaches Training Director Jeff Duke about his own journey through the three dimensions of coaching and how it has impacted his life and those around him. You will also read the personal stories of coaches from all levels who have implemented the 3D concept into theirprograms and who have pointed to Jesus Christ, the Master Coach, as the ultimate example of true significance.

This compact-sized bible features 365 devotions written by coaches specifically for coaches with scripture references to encourage and equip them to spend regular time with God. It includes study helps and features the FCA logo on the cover

Heart of a Coach Playbook features 31 devotionals written by Christian coaches to encourage fellow coaches to lead and coach biblically. There are 21 classic readings from the Heart of a Coach and 10 new devotionals from professional coaches such as Tony Dungy, Sherri Coale, Joe Girardi, Tom Osborne and more. This pocket-size book includes small group questions and space for journaling. Softcover, 160 pages.