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FCA National is implementing a new donor database and software for all national staff to better track donations, manage donor relationships and run financial reports through.  Here are two important short-term things you need to know.  If you have any questions about a gift, you can contact your local staff or the National FCA Support Services Team at 800-289-0909.  Thank you.


Donations mailed to FCA after August 31 will be secured in a lock-box in our office until the new FCAOne donor management system has been launched.  Thank you for your donation!  Due to the new FCAOne system we will however not be able to process your gift until the week of September 25.  After September 25 all gifts will be processed under the normal timing.


myFCA Donations from Sept. 1st Through The Week of Sept. 25th

Donors will still be able to make one-time donations during our transition to FCAOne. All current myFCA links will take donors to a temporary donation page. Staff will not get notifications of these donations, but gifts will appear in all contribution reports once FCAOne comes online the week of September 25th.

The temporary donation pages accept one-time credit card gifts.
If a donor would like to pay by check or make an AMP gift - they can call 1-800-289-0909 and our Support Services team will take their donation over the phone. These donations will not be processed until the week of September 25th.
This information is communicated to donors on our temporary donation page.

Team FCA is made up of hundreds of volunteers, athletes and coaches and staff each doing their part to achieve the vision - to impact the world for Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches.  I hope you will pray about sharing a gift to help our local ministry.  With your help we can shine the light of the Gospel on a dark world.

Michael Stock, Area Director


"Pray constantly."  1 Thessalonians 5:17

  • Pray for local athletes and coaches – their safety, their hearts to be open to the Gospel, and to use of their platform to influence others with their faith
  • Pray for doors to be open for staff to walk through to share the message of the Gospel
  • Pray for FCA Staff and volunteers to be diligent and faithful to their ministry call


“Not that I seek the gift, but the fruit that is bearing to your account”  Philippians 4:17

  • Share three hours a month – help at special events, serve on a volunteer board
  • Attend a Character Coach Clinic
  • Share a special gift and sign-up for Automatic Monthly Partner (AMP) support

You can commit to a gift at the links below:

Ministry Advancement

Michael Stock, FCARVA Director

Brenda Davis, Henrico Area Representative

Kevin Wood, North Chesterfield


“Go therefore, and make disciples”  Matthew 28:19

  • Visit and help at a huddle, team outreach, coaches ministry events
  • Explore special international mission trips with FCA Staff

For more information on any of these Pray, Give, Go opportunities contact Ministry Advancement Coordinator Brooke Brill at I would like to "Go".