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3 Dimensional Coaching

Coaches are some of the most influential people in America. They hold the power to shape and transform lives – for good or bad.

A 3Dimensional Coach knows the key to great leadership is a strategy to capture people’s hearts!

Why Do Kids Play Sports? Recent surveys reveal the reasons:

  • 65% participate in sports to be with friends
  • 20% want to improve their sports skills
  • 71% said they don’t care if score was kept
  • 37% said they wished no parents would watch them play
  • 51% said they see other kids act like poor sports frequently
  • 45% said they had been called names or insulted by coaches
  • 90% just want to PLAY, not warm the bench on winning team

The partnership with 3-Dimensional Coaching seeks to have Coaches start a journey toward writing a personal transformation that they will live by as they coach the heart behind the jersey. The first step is answering these questions:

  1. Why Do You Coach?
  2. Why Do You Coach The Way You Coach?
  3. What Does It Feel Like To Be Coached By You?
  4. How Do You Define Success?

If you are a Coach of a recreation team, middle or high school or college and want to start your journey in 3-Dimensional Coaching visit FCA Coaches Academy.


FCA Coaches Ministry

Coach Bobby Bowden

Legendary Coach Bobby Bowden was in town for a Coaches Breakfast and the annual Newmarket FCA Luncheon 2014.  

Watch the trailer to the upcoming movie, The Bowden Dynasty.

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