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Campus Ministry

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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What does Campus Ministry look like?

By United States law, The Equal Access Act, students on public high schools and middle schools, and college campuses students can initiate and lead "religious clubs” or what FCA terms Huddles. What is a Huddle? A Huddle is a certified small group/Bible study for coaches and athletes and all whom they influence. Huddles can meet on the practice fields, locker rooms, classrooms, auditoriums, gyms, libraries. Some teams will meet in homes or at partner churches after a meal. For more information on huddles and how to get started see some information below or visit

How do I start a Huddle?

Any student athlete can start a huddle. Here's how in 3 steps:

  1. Complete a Ministry Leader Application. All adults, coaches, or sponsors who lead or provide support need to complete a Ministry Leader Application. If you are a prospective Student Leader, FCA encourages you to complete a StudentLeaderApplication, as it will help you gain a better understanding of FCA.
  2. Complete the Ministry Certification Request Form. Complete the request for local staff to certify your campus sport ministry
  3. Contact FCA Staff. Find the staff person nearest you and let them know you'd like to get started.


Student led huddle at Monacan High School


Representatives from Huddles across the area gather for fellowship on the kickball field field.

Why Do Kids Play Sports? 
Recent surveys reveal the reasons:

  • 65% participate in sports to be with friends
  • 20% want to improve their sports skills
  • 71% said they don’t care if score was kept
  • 37% said they wished no parents would watch them play
  • 51% said they see other kids act like poor sports frequently
  • 45% said they had been called names or insulted by coaches
  • 90% just want to PLAY, not warm the bench on winning team