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Coaches are some of the most influential people in America. They hold the power to shape and transform lives – for good or bad.

FCA is excited to provide world-class training to come alongside you and serve you as you seek to become a transformational coach for your athletes. FCA has been granted a license as a “Level 3 Partner” of the 3D Institute which allows us to take their revolutionary 3Dimensional Coaching academic curriculum and create a faith-based version for use in our ministry to coaches.

Please note: If you desire to take the 3D Coaching course for college credit or certification, you must enroll on the 3D Institute website. No academic credit/certification will be offered through this version provided by FCA.

The first step is answering these questions:

  1. Why Do You Coach?
  2. Why Do You Coach The Way You Coach?
  3. What Does It Feel Like To Be Coached By You?
  4. How Do You Define Success?

A 3Dimensional Coach knows the key to great leadership is strategy to capture people’s hearts!

If you are a Coach of a recreation team, middle or high school or college and want to start your faith-based journey visit FCA Coaches Academy.